Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Well I must say that I haven’t been this excited about the start of a year in a while!!

Last night was a lot more fun than I expected.  We had my sister; cousin and niece all spend the night.  We had two neighbors’ families over; the kids were all running around crazy.  And of course a baby toy broke, which is becoming the norm when all the kids get together.  We all counted down exchanged hugs and then the kids laid down to watch a movie; I don’t think it even started before they were asleep.  The house was a disaster but I ignored it, the mess would still be there in the morning!  And it was!!
Woke up had to start the pork, cabbage and black-eyed peas.  I was lucky my husband started cleaning the mess from the night before while I cooked and got the kids their breakfast.  Just as I was finishing the food Ryan finished the cleaning.  We started Toy Story 3 and got the game Twister going.  I have pictures but I wouldn’t embarrass my sister and cousin with posting.  Lots of laughing, I loved having them over.  We are watching football and snacking until our early dinner. 

Now of course it will not only be a day of leisure, I have been repeatedly checking my email.  My editor should be emailing the FINAL revision!!!  Yes, I understand it is a holiday and tomorrow is Sunday, so I might not get it until Monday.  But I will continue to check every half hour!  I can’t wait to do a read through and then send it to my family and friends who have been waiting to read it in its entirety!!  Then later during the week I will work on a revision to my pitch and then practice, practice and more practice.  I also have to start thinking about my business cards.  Which kind of makes me laugh, but they are necessary.

Very excited and anxious about the adventures that are approaching quickly!  Hopefully the rest of the year will be as exciting as January. 

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