Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's only a dress rehearsal!

Tell that to my stomach!!  Yes, I am getting over the flu and strep but I have gained a weird sense of nausea!  I feel like I might puke at any minute, but I don’t! With being sick and not feeling up to eating I have lost 2 lbs.  Hopefully this won’t continue because I will be like 100 lbs by the time I leave for New York. 

Pitchapalooza is tonight and I have a lot to do today to get ready.  I need to print my synopsis, cover letter and my pitch.  My business cards should be in today, lets just hope they are here before I leave!  I drilled my pitch into my head as much as I could.  I think it sounds good.  I am not convinced it is great just yet.  Let’s hope that I get some good feedback tonight and am able to use that to make my pitch stronger. 

To change the subject a little, I want to talk about something that happened last night.  I am in the process of reading my entire novel to my 6 year old daughter.  A chapter a night, sometimes she begs for more (and I give in).  Last night we read chapter 8, which made me realize I have 11 chapters that are way too long (I will deal with that later, much later).  An amazing thing happened which I believe is why a writer writes.  Abigail’s eyes lit up at certain parts of the chapter.  I could tell her mouth was watering as I talked about food.  There were even parts when I could see her doing different gestures that the characters in my book were doing.  She would close her eyes tightly.  I would ask her what she was doing and she told me she was trying to do what was in the story.  At the end of the chapter she asked a ton of questions.  Is that real? Can that happen?  I replied maybe?  Her reaction last night was exactly what I dreamed of.  Of course when this story was being created in my head I never imagined it would come together as well as it did.  But since it did I realized I wanted my readers to grow with my characters and to have them wonder if this story could be possible.  I just hope one day other children, teens and adults can read my stories and too also ask those same questions! 

Well let me get back to tonight and start worrying I mean printing!  I will update tomorrow of what it was like at Pitchapalooza!!    

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