Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Busy Bee....

Sorry I missed yesterday, but I have been busy!  I thought I was done with my revisions.  What I am learning is that I could probably continue to revise for months, which I won’t.  Once I get back from NYC I will put Flight book 1 locked away until an agent or publisher come calling.  I will focus on Flight book 2, and of course sending out query letters. 
It was my daughters first day back at school, which also meant my 1 year old needed more attention since her older sister was not here to play with her.  Then after waiting in carpool line we had to head strait to dancing then home for homework. 
All while keeping myself busy with my family duties I have the worry lingering back in my mind of all the things I need to get ready for the conference.  Also Pitchapalooza is next week and I do not feel as prepared as I would like.  Emily, my editor, has said she will join me.  This boosts my confidence; she has such faith in my writing, my story.  I am very thankful to have many people to encourage me and keep me motivated!
Well since I feel I have no time as it is, I better get back to working on my pitch while Claire takes probably her only nap of the day.

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