Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Breathe

Well it has been a lot longer than I would like since my last post but I promise it wasn’t by choice.  Ok so let me get you caught up.  I am now on pitch 3!! I loved my first one but it was entirely too long.  My second, I just liked but I think this third one is going to be a winner.  At least I am hoping it is a winner!!  Pitchapalooza is in two days!!  Good news I wrote my synopsis bad news it is 6 pages too long and I feel like it’s kind of dull.  But hey it is a starting point. 

Oh, did I mention I got the FLU and STREP throat?!?!  Yea and I pride myself on never getting sick! My wonderful husband stepped in and took care of the girls Saturday and allowed me to stay in bed and get better.  Sunday I was on the mend, my head was starting to feel some what attached to my body. It’s Monday now and I am focused and ready to work. 

I am reading and rereading my pitch to make sure I am very comfortable with it so that it just flows naturally!  Business cards should be ready Wednesday morning. Outfit will be ironed.  I will look the part and be as prepared as I can.  Nervous isn’t even the right word for how I am feeling.  I can’t describe it, mainly because I have so many things to focus on that my brain is suppressing the nerves, for now.  I am sure on the drive to the Pitch those nerves will be boiling over.  Luckily it should be cold so my sweat should be under control.  You never know, hopefully I can hold it together.  This is after all the dress rehearsal for New York.  I need to go in, do my best and listen to their critique.  Take what I learn from this experience and let it help me better prepare for Writer’s Digest!

I just need to keep reminding myself to just breathe!  (huge exhale)

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