Friday, January 7, 2011


Ahhhh I am so overwhelmed!!  Baby Claire got sick two days ago, which meant I had to sit on the ground and hold her, if I moved she cried.  Plus she was still cranky!  Abigail has dancing 4 out of the 5 days this week!  Plus I still don’t have my business cards, I completely changed my pitch (much shorter) and I am trying to write my synopsis. All combined makes me cranky.  Embarrassingly, I even had a little break down on Tuesday night! Ok so if you can’t feel it, I am freaking out! 
Ryan and I went shopping yesterday; I got a very nice shirt to wear for my pitch and got an amazing red bag to keep all my things for the conference! Yesterday was a really great day, I got to get out of the house and for a little while focus on myself.  But of course I woke up this morning SICK!  And wow do I feel bad, and I have so much to do today that sick is not helping at all!
Well I must forge on!  Thankfully Ryan’s aunt is helping me with my business cards and my sister is here helping out, but only for a short time.  But I will take the help for how ever long I can get it.  Tonight I hope to put the kids to bed and go to sleep early so I can wake up tomorrow feeling better so I can work!! 
I am off to go work on my synopsis!!  Can’t I just tell agents my book is amazing and to take my word on it and just sign me?!?! Hahaha wouldn’t that be just wonderful!  Well a girl can dream!

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