Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just waiting.....

Now I am just waiting!  Not sure what my next step should be. I called and emailed the book doctors (the two people from the pitchapalooza) and just have been checking my email and phone constantly.  No response yet.  This puts me in a pickle of what my next step should be.  I know I need to work on my pitch revise it from the information I learned.  But I don’t want to put all this effort into something that could possibly change when the book doctors call.  Not that I am not willing to work, because of course I am.  I have two kids and a husband to take care of so my time needs to be divided smartly.  Especially since writing isn’t as important to anyone but me, giving me the least amount of time for what I love and need to do.  So please book doctor’s call soon!! If not I will be calling/emailing again on Monday.  After that I guess I will just move on. 

Later on today I will be going to the library.  Per advice of the book doctors and online articles I need to get acclimated with the other books in my genre.  Money is tight so I am going to see what my library has to offer.  I have made a list of some of the books the agents I will be visiting in NYC have on their favorite lists. 

Hopefully I will get to work quickly so I can stop feeling like I am getting nothing accomplished.  Very excited and anxious for next week, hope the weather is ok so I can fly in. Brrrr it’s going to be cold!!

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