Sunday, January 2, 2011

Special Delivery!

Well it came!! Last night around 9:00 I checked my email and the final revision was in my inbox! BUT, my editor (Emily) and I have to do a final read to tweak some things.  Yea it was extremely hard for me to fall asleep last night; I wanted to start reading it then!  I just made myself get into bed and played some classical music and dozed right off.  Ryan even got up with the kids this morning allowing me to sleep a little bit longer.  

I have a ton to do today.  Take down all of the Christmas decorations, and then clean up the mess from doing that.  And I am going to start reading Flight (my novel) to my 6 year old, Abigail.  Plus, of course, working on the pitch.  Yesterday I played around with some business card templates; I think I know what I want to do.  We will see.

Ahhh I can not wait to dive into my book, I just love it.  I will keep you posted on how it’s going!

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