Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prepping for March Madness

WOW, I have missed blogging but I have been busy rewriting and am finally ready to get back to socializing.

Since I was not up with my social networking I missed out on a pitch workshop on Brenda Drake's blog.

The pitch workshop was to prepare for the awesome contest Brenda, Shelley Watters and Cassandra Marshalls are hosting.

AGENT MARCH MADNESS, where agents will be bidding on your 35-word pitch and first 150 words of your finished young adult and middle grade novels.
(Yes, you read that right Agents bidding on your work)

Getting to my point: For anyone, who like me, missed out on the workshop I am offering to post anyone's 35-word pitch and first 150 words on my blog for some helpful critiquing.

Anyone interested email me at by Sunday February 26th and I will then post the pitches and first 150 words.

Here's what to submit:

Word Count:
First 150 words:

If you are interested in entering AGENT MARCH MADNESS and did not get into the workshop let's get our pitches ready to kick some butt and get some agent attention!

I will post each submission I get by Monday February 27th which should give plenty of time for everyone to give feedback in enough time that we can make adjustments before we have to send the final to Brenda Drake on March 2nd.

I have a few rules:
1) Be constructive and helpful
2) If you submit please critique at least 2 entries
3) If you submit please tweet, blog or post on facebook (not so much a rule but a suggestion to help get as much feedback as possible on our entries)

GOOD LUCK and Happy Writing!


  1. I will be giving critiques here as I can. I'm getting my submission ready for my agent, but should be done by then.

    Also, we're thinking about opening another submission time on March 3.

    Thank you, Jessica, for hosting this! <3

  2. ...looking forward to enter my submission by Sunday: this is a brilliant initiative:
    Thanks Jessica.

  3. Yay, thanks for doing this! Emailing mine to you now!! :D *new follower, btw*

  4. Thanks so much for doing this! I just emailed mine to you :)