Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suggestions Please

Well, my month off is coming to an end! And wow, will I be busy with queries, writing, blogging and my family.  Abigail has no dance competitions in March, but we have her school’s spring fair and I am the room mother for the 1st grade.  This means I have to help out a lot.  Also, my writers’ group is planning our second conference and I have volunteered to help with the website. (I know nothing about starting a website.) Just looking at all I have to do stresses me out.  I hope my husband skips this post; I don’t want him knowing our house will probably not be as clean as normal or that takeout will be replacing my cooking.  I kid, I kid (kind of). That is the point of this blog: to show how I balance it all.  March will be a true test of my abilities. 

So I need help!  The first of my interviews with fellow writers who are trying to balance motherhood and their dreams will debut March 1st.  But I do not know what to call the post.  I want to have the same name every month regarding the interview.  I want something cute and short and that ties in the premise of my blog.  So I beg you all, please comment below with suggestions!  Please!  Don't forget to vote on the poll, if you haven't already, it closes at the end of the month. Oh, and I am still looking for suggestions on what my next poll should be too. If you have any ideas, give examples!

 I can’t wait to hear your suggestions on the poll and the title! And I thank you all in advance for the help!


  1. How about "Moms Dream Too" or "Mommy's Big Dreams" or "Adventures of the Writing Mommas"?

    Being a guy, I'm not sure I offer the best insight into this sort of thing. But I'm a sucker for a great title! :0)

    Nice to meet you,


  2. Hmm, tricky. What about Pens & Pampers? Okay, that sounded a little better in my head...

  3. Great idea's!! Keep them coming!

  4. I'm looking forward to reading your interviews. I don't have kids myself, but I'm balancing writing with a full-time job, and I can only imagine it's harder to balance writing with the 24/7-job of raising a family.

    Pam: I like Pens & Pampers! Much better than "Highchairs & Helvetica" ;)

  5. Thanks for your suggestions. Pam your suggestion is the one I ran with. A.J. I copied your FTC disclaimer. Love your suggestions look for them in a future post!