Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Direction

I have decided to take this blog up a couple of notches.  I think the journey I am on is a hard and confusing journey for people to understand.  Writers don’t go to an office and clock in but we are always working.  Most writers have other jobs and families to balance, which makes fulfilling our dream more complicated.
I want this blog to be a place for other writers, or anyone trying to balance real life with accomplishing their dream, to go for inspiration.  I want this to be a place writer’s use as a resource.  Links to articles, other websites and interviews with other people just like me. 
Starting March 1st I will post an interview with a writer/mom.  I will have many questions ranging from: What are they working on, to guilty pleasure, best websites, etc.  This blog will be about my journey but include other journeys about my fellow writers.  Hopefully I can do follow up interviews when a writer gets signed or published. 
I haven’t come up with the title of my Q&A/Interview posts.  If anyone has any suggestions leave in comments below.  Also if you have any ideas for questions I should ask, also, leave that in the comment section.  I can’t wait to get this going.  I hope everyone continues to enjoy my journey and embraces the new journey’s that are soon to come!


  1. I absolutely love your blog!I still haven't finished reading what you have sent me. I read bits of it when I have time! I really need a break, so I can just take a good bubble bath, drink a glass of wine & read it! We love you so much and we are so proud of you :)

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  3. Hi - I'm a fine artist/freelance illustrator (and a friend of Stephanie's, which is how i ended up here) looking to network with writers. I hope you don't mind me dropping my name and website/blog here!

  4. No Sarah, not at all! Good luck to you and I will check out your website and blog. Thanks for following.