Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am very excited about the blogs direction.  And have been working a lot on mapping out what I want to do with it. My husband keeps reminding me, that I took February off from writing but I know that come March I will start the query process again and I will be starting book two for Flight.  That is why I want to be as ready as I can by researching the agents I want to query, outlining book two and organizing this blog.  The more prepared I am will help with time management allowing me to still do all of my mommy and wifely duties. 

I added a poll on the blog and the poll will change every month.  It will be writer or mom related.  The poll will close at the end of every month and then I will post the results and what I think of that outcome. I am interested and excited to see what everyone thinks about the different topics.

This month's poll is about the classics.  Most of the novels are required reading in high school.  But I am sure there are many people, me included, that didn't appreciate these novels like they should have.  Which made me want to reread these classics.  It was fun digging through boxes to uncover the books I discarded years ago.  I had all but, A Separate Peace. Of course I had to get it, yesterday after dropping my daughter at dancing I went, in the rain, and picked up a copy. 

I understand that not everyone will want to reread these and some people may have never read these books.  That is why I am going to post a summary of each classic from my poll through out the month.  I can remember bits and pieces of these novels. I don't have time to reread all this month so I will do some research online too, to come up with a short summary.  I am hoping that maybe the description will entice some to pick up one of these beloved classics to read.  So even if you haven't read the novels in the poll you can wait until I have posted all of the summaries and you can vote on which you would like to read. 

And if anyone feels they would like to do a summary I would love to post that. Leave a comment if interested and then message me. I am also open to suggestions for future polls.  Let me know what you think in the comment section. Happy reading everyone!!


  1. Great poll. Hard to pick between "The Great Gatsby", "Wurthering Heights" and "To Kill A Mockingbird". Actually voted for the only one I did not read (To Kill a Mockingbird but I did see the movie - many times) is that cheating? Read Gatsby and W Heights in high school by kerosene latern after walking 5 miles to school - all up hill! J & C

  2. Pride & Prejudice gets me every time, my ultimate favorite, with Wurthering Heights following in a close second. Of course the other books are timeless and classic as well and great reads, but P&P - I just love love love. If anyone out there has or hasn't read it, I recommend watching the BBC movie version with Colin Firth - it's spot on (and 5 hours so it better be!)