Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to talk!

Ok since I booked WDC I figured it was now time tell people outside of my immediate family about what I was doing.  Now anytime someone asked “hey what have you been up to?”  I didn’t just start rambling on about my book and NYC!!  I think some people would have looked at me as a little crazy!  But I did however ease it into the conversation with some of my cousins at Thanksgiving.  It was fun and exciting to actually be talking about my work.  For some reason I had always been ashamed, like I wasn’t good enough to write a book, people might make fun of me.  But what this writing process has shown me, is that I completed something many people might think about doing, and I actually did it!
Telling people worked out well.  Last week one of the cousin’s girlfriends I had told saw an event at a bookstore in New Orleans.  She immediately thought of me and shot me an email.  She thought it would be good practice for New York.  I was extremely touched that she thought of me.  I guess it made me feel as she took me and what I was doing serious. The event is called Pitchapalooza and it is on January 12th!!
Yea it is a scary thing; I will have one minute in front of agents to pitch my book!  Oh yea and everyone will be in the room.  I am looking at this solely as practice for New York.  This will hopefully help with my nerves.  Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit! 
Ok no more procrastinating I have to start my pitch!  I have no clue where to begin!!

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