Friday, December 31, 2010


Well January 12th is going to be here before I know it!  I need to have my pitch perfected well before that.  So I sat down with a notepad and pen……….. Yep nothing!  My novel is 50,000 words; I should be able to write something about it.  I would jot part of a sentence down and then scratch it out.  Nothing I was writing really conveyed my book in the right way.  It was all wrong.  I shut the notepad for now, I will come back.  This happened for several days.  Writing the actual novel was a lot easier that writing a pitch!
I took notes from some helpful websites:

Again nothing, nothing and nothing was happening on my pitch!  And of course as I sit in carpool line reading on my phone these articles I have been reading for the past week, it hits me.  I looked around the car - No pen and no paper!  I have to get this idea out; if I loose it I might not get it back!  So I go to my notepad on my phone and start texting it out!  It was no where near good but it was a start!  Over the next couple days I built on what I had typed up in the car.  Cut and paste and reworded.  I made sure my first sentence was a complete pitch.  Just in case they cut me off there!  My first paragraph was about the book with the second talking about the series my first book was apart of and lastly a short line summing up the magical experience I hope the reader got out of my book!  I loved it!!  And I was ready to start pitching to my family!! 

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