Monday, May 23, 2011

Kaya's Korner: "Thor" Review

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“Thor” directed by Kenneth Branagh with writing credits to Ashley Miller, Zach Stentz, Don Payne, J. Michael Straczynski, Mark Protosevich, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby
The other night my friend and I went to see Thor in 3D.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw a movie in 3D, but I do know it was when the glasses were those white paper ones with the blue and red lenses.  Anyways, on to the movie review... 
Just like my last movie review, the title says it all - this movie is about Thor, the god of Thunder.  Thor is an ambitious, head strong young man who is about to be crowned king of Asgard.  However, just moments before his father, Odin, can crown him king, their enemy, the Frost Giants break into one of their most valuable vaults.  Thor wants to bring vengeance to himself and his kingdom by attacking the Frost Giants on their land.  His father forbids him to do this, but Thor goes anyway with his brother Loki and warrior friends. 
While Thor and his companions’ efforts were valiant against the Frost Giants, Thor couldn’t completely save them and Odin had to instead.  Odin punishes Thor for his recklessness and bans him to Midgard (Earth,) taking away his powers and cursing Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer.  Odin curses the hammer saying that the only one who can possess the hammer is the one who is worthy of its powers. 
When Thor is banished to Earth, he meets or rather falls into Jane, an astrophysicist, and her fellow scientists.  He also discovers that his hammer made it to Earth as well; Thor realizes after trying to pull his hammer from the ground that he is a mere mortal.  While on Earth, Thor receives a visit from his brother Loki, who has discovered that he is actually the son of the Frost Giant king and not the son of Odin.  Loki however, does not tell Thor this and begins to develop his own deceitful plan to become king.    
A battle ensues for the kingdom of Asgard.  Who becomes king - Thor or Loki?  And what happens to Jane and the developing relationship between her and Thor?  The ending is certainly bittersweet. 
I love movies like “Thor” with brawny men and battle scenes, so it’s not shocking that I liked this movie.  I wish there would have been a bit more battling, but overall I was satisfied and have no doubt that I’ll be buying this DVD when it comes out.  I do think though, that it was unnecessary to see it in 3D and I may see it again in regular-D just because. 


  1. YUM. Sounds like a winner to me. ;) I'm with you about the 3D though. I'm kind of over it now, and hoping they stop making so many soon. Thanks for the great review!

  2. YUM is right Anita - that Chris Hemsworth is a whole lot of goodness to look at it! ;) And so many talented actors were in the movie too.