Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaya's Korner: "Prom" Review

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“Prom” directed by Joe Nussbaum & written by Katie Wech
So last night I was in the mood to see a silly, feel good movie, and I did – Prom.  If you haven’t seen the previews for it, I’m sure you know by the title what it’s about.  Prom is of course the point of the movie, but there’s some other stuff going on too.
Nova, the shining student and lead prom coordinator, couldn’t be more excited about the dance.  She’s been looking forward to this day for years and it all comes crashing down on her when the decorations get destroyed in an accidental fire.  Jesse, the rebel student who thinks prom is a joke, has been assigned to help Nova – a punishment to him by the school principle, designed to keep him out of trouble.  However, he might not be the rebel everyone thinks is he and Nova starts to see him differently.  The question is – will they go to prom together?
There are other story lines happening as well.  Most of the students involved are seniors but a few sophomores are included in the dynamics as well.  Will Mei and Justin’s relationship make it through to  prom?  Will Tyler and Jordan, the perfect couple, be crowned prom king and queen?  Will the sophomore Lucas get his girl?  And will Lloyd ever find a date to the prom?  Prom is a movie that will make you laugh and you’ll identify with one or more of these characters.  This movie is reminiscent of a John Hughes’ film with every stereotype filled and for the most part ever guy gets his girl. 
I thought the movie was light-hearted and fun and thankfully it didn’t go overboard on anything.  There are a bunch of potential new stars.  Of course, there’s been talk on the Internet and people seem to be very excited about the possibilities of this young cast, particularly Thomas McDonell, who’s been dubbed the new Johnny Depp.  But, the truth is, the casting was done well and everyone played their part perfectly. 
Prom may be over, but you can easily pick this one up and watch it during the summer.  It’s perfect for days at the beach or lazy days at home.      


  1. I loved the previews for this movie, reminded me of highschool. I have a question about rating, is this kid appropriate, or an after bedtime movie? Your review makes me want to go see it too. (but maybe not admit to anyone that I saw it)

  2. I LURV me a good teen flick. The angst, the clothes, the hair, and of course, the young love. How can you go wrong? Thanks for the review, Kaya!

  3. Oh, and *waves* to Jessica!

  4. Girlies! Teen flicks - such innocent good fun. The offical rating is PG and I think it's younger kid appropriate, despite some kissing. I think she'll get what's going on in general, however, there is a love triangle of the not so good kind, but that'll just probably go over her head. Hope that helps. :)