Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Awards Time

Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday.  Why, you ask?  Not Christmas, Halloween, Valentine ’s Day.  No, because this day celebrates me and only me.  Let me explain myself.  My job is a stay at home mom.  This day celebrates what I do, what all moms do.  We juggle life; sometime we crash and burn, sometimes we do it with grace, but WE DO IT.  It is the best job in the world, but it is also, in my opinion, the hardest.  It is the day I celebrate myself and all other woman that I have a connection with around the world for sharing the most rewarding job a person can ask for - being a parent.  So in honor of my favorite holiday I am going to give out some awards to my fellow bloggers.  People who help me on the other part of my life, the writer part.  They might not know it, but they help me balance being a writer and being a mother.  Thank you to all!

Ok, this started out as my blog but part of the balance I needed was to bring someone in to help and Kaya has helped tremendously.  These awards are given out by the both of us. 
Kaya and I both want to thank A. G. Howard and Ashley Graham for our stylish award.  We love you guys and appreciate not only the award but your constant participation on our blog.

   And we pass on The Stylish Awards to:

   And we pass on The Versatile Blogger Award to:

Here are the rules for both awards:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to five buddies whose blogs epitomize said theme.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Okay, now here are my and Kaya’s seven random things...
1.       Jessica: When I was in 8th grade I was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, crazy obsessed.  I actually thought that if he met me he would fall in love with me, and well of course we would live happily ever after.  I loved him so much that “Santa” brought me a life size framed poster of him and yes, I actually hung it in my room.  I was the future Mrs. J.T.T.  Well, my loves changed in high school and they changed so much I just kept a manila folder of pictures I tore out of teen magazines.  Some examples were Hanson Brothers, N’Sync members, Backstreet Boys and some professional skateboarders found their way in when I went through my “bad boy” phase.  So my very embarrassing random thing is, I was a typically teenage girl and I was BOY crazy!
2.      Kaya:  I was boy crazy too when I was younger and I’m boy crazy now over Daniel Cudmore.  I “liked” him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter and follow other people who are obsessed with him.  I know he’s filming a movie right now in Slidell and that he almost fell asleep at the park and I tweeted back to him secretly hoping he would tweet back and tell me which New Orleans park he was at so I could run over like a crazy obsessed person.  (Please note – I am not a stalker, just a crazy obsessed person.  I feel that sounds better because I’m still a person.  :D)  Why do I do this?  NO clue, but a teeny part of me thinks it’s fun and thank goodness I have a friend who is obsessed with Robert Pattinson and we talk about these things like it’s normal.  But honestly, you can’t look at this picture and tell me he’s not hot!     
3.      Jessica:  I always wanted to marry someone rich, so that if I had kids I wouldn’t have to take care of them, I could have a nanny.  I never dreamed of my wedding or having a family.  I went to college, was a college cheerleader and was all about myself.  That all changed when I met my husband and fell in love with him.  After 3 months we were inseparable; we got married almost 2 years later and then had our first daughter.  Your life hardly ever turns out the way you imagine it, but in my case, I am so glad it didn’t.
4.      Kaya:  I have mild OCD.  It’s mostly in my car.  For example, after rolling the windows up, I have to push the button between 3-5 times to make sure the windows are actually rolled up; same with my sun roof.  Sometimes I check my back windows (I have buttons in the front) even if I didn’t roll them down.  Occasionally, I push the lock button on my keychain twice when I’m walking away even though I hear the car horn honk and know it’s locking.  At home, after I unplug the coffee pot, I’ll go back later and physically pick up the plug to double check it’s not plugged in, as if the plug could re-plug itself.  Don’t ask me why I do this, I just do. 
5.      Jessica:  My family and I are Disney freaks.  We love everything about Disney.  Disney television shows, Disney Movies, Disney toys, Disney Clothes and of course Disney World.  My husband and I went to Disney on our Honeymoon. My 7 year old has been 3 times and my 18 month old has already been once.  We always say we are not going to back for a while, and then we always seem to go back anywhere from a year to 2 years later.  My favorite Disney Character is Eeyore.  Four years ago in Disney World my husband and daughter surprised me with a charm bracelet they bought in one of the stores: it had a Mickey charm, a Tinkerbelle charm, a Belle charm, a J charm and of course an Eeyore charm.  I wear it all the time, like a piece of fine jewelry.  And on my last trip my husband and daughter surprised me with a big Eeyore stuffed animal.  And yes I sleep with it, but I can quit anytime I want.
6.      Kaya:  I love covers!  I love when I can get into my bed and burrow under blankets.  In fact, I love it so much I generally sleep with pajama pants and a sweatshirt.  On top of my comforter, I keep a small faux fur blanket and burrow like a bear in hibernation.  Usually I don’t sleep with the fan on, but even when I do I usually wake up in the middle of the night in a small sweat, take off the sweatshirt, and go right back to my blankets and burrow.  I feel sorry for my potential husband – we might have to have separate beds.   
7.      Jessica and Kaya:  We became friends in high school.  After school we went to a coffee shop with 2 guy friends of ours.  We went almost every single day after school, after tennis practice for me, and stayed for hours, usually till closing time which was 10 pm.  We went there to do homework, but only about half the work got done and the other half was spent goofing off.  We called ourselves the Caffe Caffe Club (after the place.)  Every once in a while our different friends would stop by for the afternoon/evening.  Before long the original 4 grew to 5, then 8, and before we knew it, night after night there were about 15-20 of us there and the majority of them (not us) didn’t buy anything.  We did this for months and months and for some reason we stopped – the school year must have ended and we never resumed the tradition again.  Well, years later I heard there was a sign up at the coffee shop that read no one was allowed to study, etc. so I decided to check it out for myself and sure enough there was the sign and I knew instantly that that sign was there because of us. 

WOW this blog seems to be never ending.  It’s almost finished I promise.  My awards to my fellow bloggers go way beyond than just stylish and versatile.  These bloggers have become my friends, my support system.  And I am very thankful for each of you.  I am adding a new rule if you have already received one of these awards recently the rules are null and void for you.  (These awards could get very repetitive if not)

And my blog awards would not be complete without a MOTHER’S DAY award.  This blogger is not a “writer” in the same sense as my other blogger awards are, but she is a beautiful writer.  The reason why she writes so beautifully is because what she writes about is her love, her passion, her life…. Her son.  Please check out Courtney Roth’s Blog about her journey.
   "EB"ing a Mommy                                

All of the Blog Award winners work hard on their posts to give us informative and entertaining reads.  I personally get excited when I see a new post up by all of you, I enjoy reading them.  To all my fellow mom’s out there, I hope your mother’s day is wonderful.  And, again Thank You to everyone for your great Blogs.


  1. Thank you, ladies for making me laugh on this wonderful Friday morning!! Each item you two wrote about I had something to here you go: 1.) Typical teenager? You, no??? ;-) 2.) Kaya, I think everyone is obsessed with some fine actor...some just make it more noticeable than others. 3.) I truly think you were meant to be a mom! Yes, I had my doubts at times...before you actually became a mom (such instances that come to mind are late night Texaco stops, champagne nights after work, and mornings at the Theta Xi house...hehehe), but once Abi was born, those doubts ceased to exist. 4.) Kaya, I think the window thing might just come from living in Louisiana! As for car thing, I think we all do that. We've worked hard for that car, no matter what condition or're not alone. Now the toaster thing I'm not sure I can help's probably a safety/comfort thing. 5.) You forgot to mention your Belle ring!
    I have to say, it's good to see you two continuing your friendship between something you both feel passionate about. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks for the blog award! One of my favorite parts of writing is meeting other writers! :)

  3. Aww, thanks for the blog award, and a HUGE thanks for the null and void rule. Heh.

    All of your details were awesome! I especially enjoyed finding out how you two gals met. Such rebels, turning the entire coffee shop establishment on its head. LOL

    And that Mother's Day award is lovely. I'll hop over to her blog pronto. Hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day, Jessica.

    And Kaya, I hope you lasso Daniel Cudmore. A girl can dream right?