Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

I’m sitting on my couch with a HUGE bowl of ice cream as I type this dreaded post with tears in my eyes.  I know I sound dramatic, but it was my first rejection on a full request, so excuse me while I take this one a little hard.  I know you want to know what she said. Well, nothing really: 

“Thank you so much again for sending FLIGHT. I was able to read it over the weekend and think you are a talented writer. As I mentioned below, I like the premise for this novel a lot, but unfortunately, I did not feel that I could connect with Liz in the way I would have liked. I’m afraid that without a strong investment in the main character, I would not be the best person to represent your work. I am sure another agent will feel differently and wish you success in your writing career.

Thank you again for the chance to read your work.”
I love this agent. I mean, hello—we are best friends since I know her every move via Twitter.  I am thankful that this early on an agent requested my manuscript and complimented my writing.  But now I have the line that will haunt me, and probably not allow me to sleep: “I did not feel that I could connect with Liz [my main character] in the way I would have liked.”  Ouch. Where do I begin; how do I fix this? 

Well, I will fix it . . . but not tonight.  Tonight I’ll eat ice cream, watch The Bachelor and feel sorry for myself.  But tomorrow is a new day.  I will wipe away my tears and get to work.  I knew this would not be easy, and by no means will I give up.  I have one more full out there and five queries awaiting replies.  Not the end!

The Hubs came home with a card for me tonight! 
It read:
      "Sorry you didn't get an agent today.  She doesn't know what she's missing.  We believe in you."

This definitely put a smile on my face.  This was a hard post because I do not want to sound like a baby but this blog is about the process and rejections are common.

Back to normal posting next time...... Thanks for listening!


  1. Don't worry, you don't sound like a baby. Ryan is right...she doesn't know what she's missing. Enjoy your ice cream.

  2. I connected with Liz and I cannot wait to hear what happens to her!!! You keep on sending those queries because I know I'll be lining up at the bookstore one day to have you sign my first edition copy of Flight! xoxo

  3. I know I don't have to remind you ... but I will anyway. Harry Potter got rejected multiple times, as did Twilight. You're in good company.

  4. Awww, your husband is awesome <3 And I know how you feel. I just got a rejection on a full as well. *hug* It's okay! Tears shall be shed, but ice cream shall be devoured! Optimism shall be renewed! I know you can do it!

  5. Ugh lost my first post to ya - oh well here goes again.

    First before I tell you "don't count your blisters" I want to say - Hoo-rah - you got that first big one out of the way. Yeah - one more closer to your yes!

    Think of this as a video game - you have to kill exactly 62 zombies to get to the next level. (no I am not saying agents are zombies - but looking at the job they do - If I had to read 300 of anything every day - there would be a little zombie brain at the end of the day-just sayin)
    How do you feel about those zombies - do you worry that the one you just killed was the greatest zombie in the computer and no other zombie will do? No - you have to knock out 62 - bang - next -bang nextbangnext!
    Well that game is too easy - so now you have been assigned a random zombie number - may be 12 - 62 - 612 - who knows -but the game is the same. When you get to your random zombie bingo - you move to the next level.

    Character connection.

    Team eddie or team jake
    team Peeta or team gale
    dumbledore or snape?

    connection is subjective - In twilight - I am not crazy bout Bella - I like Dr. Cullen. I like Snape -not harry,ron or the others. I am not wrong - but neither is my daughter for being obsessed with Katniss Everdeen - when Haymitch was the greatest character of the whole book! See what I mean?

    Don't rush out and rewrite your whole character - you may take a look and see if there is any point you can open up or clarify ---but you may be writing away someone elses connection if you change her deeply. (Unless your agent REPPING you says change it - then your response is "Yes drill saaar-gen -tt")

    Here is my funny - I have been writing books for 20 some years now - never had a request...not one. I have read books on character - style - composition - editing - plot holes - arcs - and some nut jobs who were not so helpful. I THOUGHT I learned Manuscript Format in college - I did if I am submitting business proposals to bankers. I found the writer blogs by accident back last summer - LOL Even though my query letter kinda smooches the pooch - since becoming a born again New times roman 12 pointer - I have had requests. Nothing big or amazing - but I am grateful that somebody looks at all. Is it really that important to submit in MS format - gosh I heard the writing was what counts. If I am an example - it is that important.

    If rejections were blisters - would you count them and stop doing things you love to avoid them? Don't give them enough power to make you eat ice cream - or do - ice cream is for celebration - so be proud you are one zombie closer to the next level!

  6. Oh, Jessica, my heart hurts for you so much. I KNOW what this feels like. And I'm going to tell you that you're exactly where I was before I had my offers. And before you start ripping apart that MS and try to "fix" your MC, please, please wait for a few more opinions.

    I had two agents tell me that if I'd take out a certain part of my book, they'd reconsider me. I thought about it, long and hard, but decided to wait for more opinions. Then, three fulls later, I'm having to decide between agents because they all loved that particular part.

    All that to say, it's subjective. So don't kill your baby quite yet. Let's see what this other full turns up first. UNLESS you feel in your gut that this agent is right. That's different. I couldn't bring myself to rip out that part of my book because it's what I believed most strongly in. It was part of my vision. But your gut knows. It always does. Just be still and quiet so you can hear it.

    And BTW, what an awesome hubby!! A supportive family will see you all the way through this biz. Take care and hang in there girl. :-)

  7. I have some great followers! You really all know how to make me feel better. I feel very lucky to have such a great support system of friends, family and fellow writers. Thank you all!