Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaya's Korner: Book Review Grading Scale

Book Review Grades

I’m new to this whole book review thing - I read books and talk about them with friends, but have never written about them, well except in high school and college.  So, I thought it would be fun if at the end of each review there was a grade.  However, this is not your ordinary grading system.


- Pre-order (The book is so incredible, that if I could go back in time and pre-order it, I would.)
- Hardback (I want a copy in hardback because the book is a must read and I would like to add it to my library.  I want this one to last and to show its importance and that it was a favorite of mine.)
- Paperback (It was a great read and I would definitely recommend it, but probably wouldn’t read it again.)
- E-Reader (It’s a good book, but there are other books out there to read.  You can get to this one eventually.)
- Discount (You know those books that never quite make it and end up getting slapped with a huge discount and wind up in a giant bin with a large red sign that screams “sale?”  Well, they’re there because nobody read those books, which means they probably weren’t that good.  So this term is given to the books I didn’t like, would pass up if I could, and would recommend reading only if you can get it for that ridiculous discount and have read everything else.)

Do you have any books that would fall into these categories?


  1. Pre order AND Hardback: Jane Eyre. (sigh and swoon)

    Paper: The Hollow, by Jessica Verday. Loved the premise, but too much of the book was just set up for the next one. I've heard the second is better, but I just can't get myself psyched up to read it. Hum.

    Discount: Can't bring myself to put anything here. Bad writer's Karma. LOL

    Love the grading system, and looking forward to your reviews! I'm putting you in my sidebar...

  2. I do love Jane Eyre - something about those period pieces get me. Pride & Prejudice is my favorite.

    I'll have to add The Hollow and it's sequel to my book list and hopefully I won't ever have to give a grade of "discount." That would be such a bummer.