Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming soon: Kaya's Korner

Not really balancing it all.

I took off February and I really focused on the blog, so it wasn’t really a month off.  March was supposed to be my month to jump back into my writing.  Unfortunately, I feel like I should have categorized March as my month off.  My family responsibilities are outweighing my writing ones.  As my husband says, “You’re not getting paid for your writing, yet.”  Well, neither am I for my housewife duties, but I guess I see his point.  There is so much I want to do writing-wise that I am almost getting discouraged because of my lack of time.  It is hard to pick which to focus on.  My family is my number-one priority, but I have made a commitment to make my writing a priority.  How do I balance the two?  Hence, the point of the blog!  I hope to one day answer this question, or at least come close to an answer.

I write a lot, but reading is very important to what I do.  For a while I have wanted to start doing reviews on the blog.  I haven’t been able to find the time to write them, with everything else on my plate.  I had a friend from high school come and stay with me last week.  It was fun to catch up and reminisce about the “old days”.  She just moved back from living in the Philippines; now she works in New Orleans and is single.  She has a little more free time (not saying she is not busy) but I reached out to her.  This blog is about how I balance it all.  Well, I decided to delegate, assign her something I wanted to do myself, but couldn’t: write reviews. 
Kaya and I have similar taste in reading and I knew she would be perfect.  I emailed her asking if she would be interested.  I was very happy when she quickly responded with a yes.  We instantly got on the phone and started bouncing ideas off each other. 

“Kaya’s Korner” will focus anything related to books.  We will also talk about books’ influence on television and film.  Kaya’s Korner will have reviews, discussions, giveaways, and much more.  We are very excited about this.  I believe it will bring a lot to the blog.  I will also get the poll questions from the books we are reading in Kaya’s Korner.  As always, please leave suggestions if you have any books you would like us to read and review.  Any authors who would like to send Kaya a book to read and review, please use the contact form.


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  2. i am so looking forward to kaya's contributions. we have done a lot of book "dissections" and have hung out together for hours in the biggest bookstore while she was here in the Philippines. i have already emailed her a book suggestion, so i hope she'll take it up.

    good luck on your joint venture!