Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Hook Contest

Thank you to everyone who spoke with Christa; the response was wonderful.  The winner for the signed copy of The Edge of Grace is Jeannie Campbell.  
Let’s get to Contest #2!
Book Hook
“Sometimes you only have seconds for your query to catch interest, and a great opening line can do that.” - From A Guide to Literary Agents
That’s why this contest will help us all perfect that first line of the dreaded query.  How can we help?
Email me at with your name, genre, title and 140-character hook. I will post the responses on Friday, July 8th, allowing anyone to give you feedback.  Then on Monday, July 11th, I will post the official entry. In the comment section, you will need to put your name, email address, genre, title and hook.  Christa will then look over them and decide who gets the 10-page manuscript critique.
Here are some tips from around the internet to help you with your hook.
Here are Christa’s hooks for her two books.  (She makes it look easy.)
The Edge of Grace: When her brother announces he’s leaving for vacation with another man, Caryn is forced to confront her own hypocrisy and learn how to redefine love.
Walking on Broken Glass: Leah admits herself to treatment for her alcoholism, but discovers the road to sobriety is still under construction.
Reminder: Email me at
Include in email: Your name
your email
140-character hook
The only rules are to promote the contest in order to get as many people to give feedback as possible. Also, if you enter the contest, you must participate in the feedback process.  
Let’s get those hooks perfect so that we can grab an agent’s attention.  

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