Thursday, July 14, 2011

Agent Contest with Vickie Motter

Another amazing contest opportunity has been given to writer's on YAtopia.

You must go and check it out.  It is a 3 line pitch contest judged by the awesome Vickie Motter.

Here is my 3 line pitch.....

Have her first kiss, get a boyfriend and make new friends was what Liz Kavanagh hoped would happen this year. But when she finds out her family’s secret, that she comes from a family of faery warriors, she realizes this year will not go as she hoped. And when her two world’s almost collide she fears that to protect the people she cares about, Liz may have to give up the things she wanted most.

Well wish me luck! Now go check out the other entries... GO..Go


  1. Good luck, Jessica! Nice pitch. And I love that we both have written stories about faeries! We'll have ourselves a book swap one of these days. LOL

  2. This pitch gives me chills. I wanna be included in the book swap - even though I have no book of my own to swap. ;) Is that okay?