Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog ReDesign

I have been rather silent lately on this blog.  I want to apologize for neglecting all of you, but I promise there is a reason.  I have been focusing on my writing.  I started on my companion novel but hit a road block.  What I realized from it all was that I was not ready to shelve my first book, or the whole story.  I have read not to continue a series if you haven’t even sold the first book and that is why I had put it to the side.  But I have since decided that I am going to write the series, because my characters’ story is in my head and I want it out so that everyone can enjoy it as much as I have.  Even if I never get an agent (which of course I will), I have learned there are other options to get my book out there.  I am talking about self-publishing.  I will not get into that today because I am not looking into it; I have just decided to write what I want and know that one day I will see my stories in print.  
I also have been reading a lot.  I can’t get enough of books lately.  And wow, my writing is benefiting from it. With balancing my daughters’ many activities, new blog posts have been nil except for Kaya’s Korner.  This just proves to you that this balancing act could not be possible without the love and support from my family and friends.
So let me fill you in on what’s been going on ….
My writers’ group had their conference a couple of weeks ago.  It was amazing; I urge anyone to try to come next year to hear advice from great and inspirational authors.  All the worrying was for nothing.  The conference committee pulled it off, and just like last year I was impressed with the Berries, Bridges and Books writers’ conference.
My husband has been stepping up lately in supporting my writing (which is great, but I feel like I have to step up my housework duties). Let me just tell you that I had the best Mother’s Day EVER. The hubs woke up with the kids and let me stay in bed, but I didn’t want to stay in for that long.  After getting out of bed, I was showered with hugs and kisses from my beautiful daughters.  My 7yo had a card and present that she made at school for me. She also had a worksheet, which cracked me up. Let’s just say some of her answers were a little off: aging me a couple of years, adding 80lbs and giving me green eyes (I didn’t mind this one). Then the 18-month-old gave me a singing Mickey Mouse card and we all got to enjoy her dancing every time the card opened. The hubs handed me a card that was very sweet, and he had a self-made gift card for a laptop of my choice to be purchased when I want. This was a nice gesture, especially since our laptop was old, huge and broken at the time.  But I was a tad disappointed because we had shopped laptops already and he knew exactly what I wanted.  I did love the effort he made by making a handmade gift card, so all in all it was a great start to Mother’s Day.  The hubs, however, had a trick up his sleeve.  He pulled out a present wrapped in Christmas paper from behind the couch. It took almost everything I had not to jump around like a little kid, because I knew it had to be what I wanted.  It was a beautiful MacBook Pro. I couldn’t hold it together.  I cried like a baby and hugged him so tight.  This was a huge gesture from my hubby in so many ways.  To me, this showed how much he believes in my writing and also reminded me of how great he is (which, after being married almost ten years, I take for granted). He finished off the day with barbecuing for me. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family.
Well, the 7yo finished 1st grade with straight A’s and great praises from her teachers. We have her dance recital coming up and I am running around like a mad woman with practices. I do know that life will slow down during the summer, but I also try to keep my kids active over the summer.  
Okay, the last thing I have been up to: The hubs has done it again.  He is going to take me to Marblehead, MA, at the end of the summer.  He has a convention for work in Boston, and since my novel is set in Marblehead we are going to go a couple days early and stay in the beautiful seaside town.  I have been very giddy lately with this news.  It’s another sign that he believes in my writing, and I doubt he knows how much that helps me and inspires me to keep going.  
Finally this rambling post is coming to an end.  This blog started out as a way for me to journal my journey with writing and parenting, but it has turned into more than I could have dreamed.  Thanks to the help of my great friend Kaya and the writers I interview each month, I am so pleased with the outcome.  
The blog is going to be changing a little, starting with the name.  I will update on my journey when I can, but am choosing to use any free time to write on the series and read.  I will also still have Parenting to Publishing and we have some great authors lined up.  Kaya will keep up her amazing job.  But we are open to guest posts from anyone.  If you have anything you want to say, from self-promotion, publishing speak or anything that our readers could benefit from, get in touch with me. This blog will no longer only be about me, but will incorporate anything to do with reading, writing and everything in between.  Let us know if you want to join in on the fun!  Or post in the comment section if you have any suggestions for a new blog title.  
I love this blog and can’t wait to see it grow.
Thank you, everyone!


  1. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! LOL on the 80 poundage. Hee. Kiddos are precious. Your husband is a DELIGHT. How amazing, taking you to the site of your novel. Keep him!! Behind every great writer is an understanding and supportive significant other. :)

    We'll miss you on your busy days, but I applaud your writing dedication. And I look forward to your new blog's face!

  2. It's important to make time for your writing, and you're doing exactly that! I hope you enjoy your time working on your WIP. Also, I love your little construction penguin. Too cute! :)